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At Southern Air Custom Interiors, we offer a variety of aircraft services including custom interiors, annual maintenance, aircraft part repair, avionics and many other items.

Aircraft’s are designed to run perfectly, so maintaining and updating interiors is the best way to keep the inside looking as good as the outside.

Our experienced staff and mechanics have over 100 years of combined experience handcrafting some of the finest aircraft interiors around including Cessna, Beechcraft, Gulfstream, Mooney, Dassault, and others.

If you have any questions about a project or service you need to be done, don’t hesitate to ask! Call, Email, or head on over to our more information section to find your answers.

Gulfstream GIV Aircraft Interior Refurbishment

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Comfort in Private Interiors in Private Aircraft

Traveling in a private aircraft transcends the ordinary, offering a realm of exclusivity and luxury. The importance of a comfortable interior in private planes extends beyond opulence, providing a host of benefits that redefine the flying experience. 1. Unparalleled Relaxation:...

Cessna Citation X Aircraft Interior Refurbishment

Elevating Comfort and Luxury Inside Your Aircraft

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We offer varieties of services from aircraft interior design, restoration, avionic installation, design consultation, part locations, and many more at an affordable price.

At Southern Air, we pride ourselves on the motto of “We Re Do It.” We can remake, reupholster, and retool any item on any aircraft.

Cessna Citation X Aircraft Interior Refurbishment


Part of our aircraft services include full custom overhaul or a simple repair, Southern Air has your solution.


Southern Air can help keep navigation and avionics technology current and install a new system or single unit,


From seats and liners to dashes and gauges, we can help you design your dream aircraft


Let us clean, shine, and tune your aircraft to perfection. We can help take the pain out of maintenance.

Refurbished airplane interior. Four seats

Custom Aircraft Interiors

Our team of master technicians can handle any repair, maintenance, or update you are needing. We can design and install whatever you imagine with your aircraft.

Custom Aircraft Interiors

Southern Air an Alabama custom aircraft repair has been operated since its beginning in 1989 by the same incredible team, building friendships and delivering quality year after year.

Installation and Design
We offer a wide range of services, all performed by our highly experienced staff, see our services page for more details

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Dassault Falcon Aircraft Interior Refurbishment